Sunday, May 1, 2011

Isaac Cordal's little concrete people

Isaac Cordal makes little people out of concrete and them places them in thought-provoking situations in various cities and countries in Europe. You can find them in the street, sitting on rooftops, precariously balanced on a pipe, standing up to their waists in water with a life preserver, or standing in the snow. The figures are made in clay, then a silicone mold is made in which the concrete is cast. Some of the figures are painted some left grey.

Some of Cordal's work is mechanized, but I particularly like the small quiet figures.

Street Art London also has an excellent interview with Cordal along with other photographs of his work. A new book has also just been published about Cordal's work called Cement Eclipses, available from Carpet Bombing Culture.


rhi said...

I love the idea that these people are placed in obscure public locations so anyone can view them on top of bus stops and telegraph poles.... Brilliant!

Janey said...

How big exactly are the concrete people? It's amazing that water and rock can be used not only for patios and driveways, but also for this kind of art. Maybe when I finally get around to going to London I'll get to see one of those in person. Thanks for sharing this kind of art with us.