Monday, January 25, 2010

New Gallery Artists

Grayson Malone: Persephone: metal-infused concrete

I have just updated my ArtConcrete website, the "guest gallery"section. Five new artists have been added: Edward Gennetten, Grayson Malone, Christopher Gronbeck, Carole Vincent and DrCraze.

The work ranges from concrete jewelry that incorporates recycled glass (DrCraze), to sculpture (Carole Vincent), to two-dimensional concrete wall art (Edward Gennetten).

DrCraze: concrete pendant: concrete, pigment, recycled glass

Friday, January 1, 2010

Web Site for Concrete Book

The New Year brings a new marketing idea for my Concrete Handbook for Artists. Because the book is self-published and mainly available through the Art Concrete web site, I thought I would try splitting it off with its own domain name and independent web site. You can see the results here:

The book was originally published in 2002 and updated in 2006, and has sold around the world. It's really fun to communicate with someone in the Jersey Islands in the English Channel, for example, about concrete technology and how it can be applied to creative art. Or having an email exchange with a student in the south of France attending an art college. I keep a large world map on the wall in my office and stick pins in locations where the books are mailed. About two years ago I gave up trying to fit any more pins into most of the United States and the United Kingdom. For a while I tried changing the pin colour for multiple sales, but soon gave up. Now I just add a pin for an interesting new location.

European sales of my book reflect where English is spoken.
That pin in the Azores on the left represents my first book sale.

North American sales reflect population density.
Most sales are to California, Florida, New England and New York.

I like the idea of selling Concrete Handbook for Artists directly because it often opens up a two-way communication. It is however sold through Powell's Technical Books, the Portland Cement Association in Chicago, and the Compleat Sculptor in New York.