Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mountainous Molding Project

MuseumRock Products from Louisville KY have made what may very well be the largest molded concrete object ever made. They made the mold in California, shipped it to Hawaii, and poured in hundreds of thousands of pounds of colored grout over a matrix of steel rebar. The finished "rock" measures 136 feet long and 22 feet high. It is part of an educational and interpretive Navajo Indian Memorial located in Na Aina Kai Botanical Garden and Sculpture Park which is slated to be open to the public in 2010.

The mold was made of rubber coated EPS styrofoam. 17,000 pounds of pigment was used to colour the concrete.

Forest Boone of MuseumRock says: "My mix was just a standard grout mix 4,500 psi... one part course manufactured sand and two parts dune sand from Asia mixing in an auger mixer. I poured it in about 20 different lifts, changing colors each lift."

Photo credits: MuseumRock


J Russ said...

As an artist myself, working with concrete on such a small level, I can't imagine working on a project this size and quality. This is absolutely amazing!

Sociology in Kentucky said...

The shapes and colors are so natural. The scale is mammoth. Wow!