Friday, August 17, 2012

Jo Woffinden Concrete Sculptures

Jo Woffinden is a London-based artist who works in concrete, but has a background in ceramics. Her recent forms are based on curves and planes:

"My current work synthesizes elements taken from contemporary architecture with the underlying currents, which unfold Baroque structures. I have used the curve to create a spatial flow between planes and lines, which disrupt and work with simple geometry. Through subtle tensions, I intend to create a relationship between surfaces and forms, which can alter our perception of space."

Describing her concrete work she says:

 "Using concrete I have developed tactile surfaces, which appeal to the senses. I intend to show concrete as soft, warm and inviting and for the material to act as mediator between interior and exterior.  I would like to invite the viewer to engage with space and materiality in new ways through their encounter with my sculptural objects.

You can see more of Woffinden's work on her web site:


Sally Johnson said...

That is made out of concrete? That is awesome! I wish I had talent like that.

tyleragent said...

Thanks for the post, and I have to say that some of this stuff is pretty amazing knowing that it's made out of concrete. But I had a question and I was wondering what structural shotcrete is? Because I haven't had the best luck finding an answer. So any help or tips would be great.

Anonymous said...

wow this is really great! keep up the awesome work, ive been looking into concrete in Toronto to help me out with a similar art project i have going on, thanks!

Skov Snogen said...

Take a look at this Danish sculpture park with several sculptures made of concrete:!john-krner/c15ib

Daniel said...

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